“Selección Canina” was a big challenge for me. As an Animator Coordinator, It was the first time I was responsible not only for my work, but for the work of others.


The project itself was more difficult than any other I had faced so far. The collaboration of two animation studios, located in three different cities, brought hiccups we hadn't dealt with before. Good communication was of essence.

I entered the project around the middle of its production time. This was in order to help smooth the communications between the two IF studios. My responsibilities, besides being another animator on the team, included:

  • Being a link between the Lead Animator and the Animators.

  • Problem solving for the Animation Department.*

  • Aiding the Animation trainees.

  • In the rare case that the Lead was unavailable, open communications with Animex.


*E.g:I needed a functional accordion in order to finish a scene that was due the next day. The Riggers at Animex had quite the backlog, and would have the accordion done in a week. Solution: Make my own rig in the span of an hour.


At the end of the production cycle, the Animation Lead and the IF Producer stepped out. Unfortunately for us, a lot of scenes were sent back due to different kinds of malfunctions*.A new working plan had to be set if the movie was to be released on time.

This time, my responsibilities included:


  • Constant communication with Animex.

  • Meetings with the Rig and VFX teams in order to find the best solutions to our problems.

  • Decide which was the fastest an easiest way to fix the scenes.

  • Evaluating risks for the Animation team.

  • Scheduling dead-lines for Animation.

  • Keeping the Directors and Producers aware of our progress, what could and what couldn't be achieved on the time frame given.


*E.g:Various things got broken during all phases of production. Such as models overlapping, and rigs going crazy before render. What's the best way to deal with them? Send them to other departments or are they easier to fix on animation? I had to discuss it with all the team and come up with the best decision.


The experience that I gained in the last phase of “Seleccion Canina” served me well, for I would step as Lead Animator for the next production, a short film called “Ascensión”, coming soon to film festivals.

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